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The policy of our company: growth is the result of a business process resulting from the research, but it is only the customer who recognizes the novelty and therefore the benefit generated. And he is at the heart of our actions. In an increasingly global and convergent context, what we have realised and what we pursue is innovation as expression of cooperation of multiple talents. We take complementary approaches, creating advanced solutions with the contribution of the customer. The result is a young and dynamic company dedicated to study and develop innovative products.

We have developed new organizational models and different approaches to technology that effectively implement mechanisms for the generation of value, enabled by electronic technologies and scientific research. Competence, optimism, energy, enthusiasm, and research methods : these are the tools that we integrated to develop the highest levels of excellence in research and development (R&D). Our modern laboratory and its technicians and engineers teams have to their credit recognized achievements at international level:

1992 – Research and Study on Microprocessors for storing mathematical functions of sinusoidal alternating current, setting a new frontier on the methods of sampling the electrical power converters. The study has led to the creation of the first inverter that used a microprocessor for sampling, sold around the world.
1994 – Research and Study in the field of electronics applied to the energy conversion for small power inverter and UPS using, for the first time ever, NiCd battery and UPS changing shape. The firm has led to the creation of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) awarded the Golden Compass by Industrial Design AD and exhibited at the Royal Palace (Milan, Italy).
1996 – Research and Study on the abatement of Electrical and magnetic fields, ELF-VLF, in the environment surrounding a cathode ray tube display screen. Tested at the Faculty of Physics, University of Turin. The firm has led to the creation of a protective screen tested by the "Technical Study Of Communications" and approved by the Italian Ministry of Health with Report No. 1.0296.
2008 – Research and Study on the feasibility of micro DC UPS, which uses rechargeable AA batteries, having a shape and small size. The firm has led to the creation of micro-ups Powerstok which is the world's smallest, has a unique performance and astonishing ease. Its uniqueness is protected by international patent.
2011 – Birth Otoshield. Winner of the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Honorable Mention of the Chamber of Commerce Italy- Switzerland. Clinical tests conducted at the University of Turin – Italy, Faculty of Medicine - Department of Otolaryngology - have demonstrated the effectiveness and validity (clinical tests lasted about 3 months). Medical Device Class 1 according to MDD 93/42/EEC.
Dispositivo Medico
All the compatible devices with the Otoshield®
Dispositivo Medico
Otoshield is a class 1 medical device
Dispositivo Medico
International Awards issued to the Otoshield® patent
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