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Otoshield Protection
Class 1 Medical Device
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Otoshield eliminates the overheating of the ear canal caused by exposure to radiation from mobile phones.
The process that leads to the realization of Otoshield, suitable for a specific phone model is the result of an organized work:

  • In-depth technical analysis and design that starts from that model phone for which Otoshield is suited
  • Definition of the corresponding technical characteristics
  • Research and action plan target-oriented
  • Precise definition of a frame to develop a technical know-how
  • Test to verify the efficiency of new workframes
  • Actual creation of the first samples
  • Test of the individual layers of matter and their composite
  • Final tests to check validity of the product in real conditions, its reliability and effectiveness.


Otoshield Otoshield eliminates overheating of the ear canal caused by prolonged use of the mobile phone:
Its effectiveness is proven by authoritative clinical tests lasted about 3 months and conducted by the University of Turin - Faculty of Medicine Department of Otolaryngology;
It is a device user friendly and the package, specially designed, facilitates placement (read instructions inside);
does not scratch the phone (easily removable 3M adhesive);
does not alter the phone functions.
Otoshield is specifically designed for the phone model to which it relates and is effective only for that model.

Models available

Otoshield is available for the following models:
• Apple iPhone 4
• Apple iPhone 4s
Dispositivo Medico
All the compatible devices with the Otoshield®
Dispositivo Medico
Otoshield is a class 1 medical device
Dispositivo Medico
International Awards issued to the Otoshield® patent
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