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Frequently Asked Questions

Otoshield may modify the signal reception of the my mobile phone ?

Otoshield is designed specifically for the model of phone that is designed and do not interfere in the signal reception of voice, data or bluetooth.

Otoshield can change the sound of the phone?

Otoshield is designed for not to interfere on acoustics of the speaker phone. Once applied, the sound from the speaker will be the same as before, without having to intervene on the volume buttons.

Otoshield can damage your phone screen on which you applied?

Otoshield use a special removable adhesive 3M ™ that allows any repositioning or removal without leaving any traces of adhesive or halos. Otoshield no scratches, no mess and is fully removable.

Otoshield can change the brightness of the screen of your phone?

A special panel has been designed to allow freely to the light sensor and proximity sensor, existing on the phone, to work freely. Otoshield, if positioned correctly, do not interfere with the automatic adjustment of brightness of the screens or the detection of proximity that allows turning off the display when you close to your ear.

Dispositivo Medico
All the compatible devices with the Otoshield®
Dispositivo Medico
Otoshield is a class 1 medical device
Dispositivo Medico
International Awards issued to the Otoshield® patent
Yes! You can phone.
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